Shoegaze without the shoes
Visions of grandeur, good time gigs Saturday March 8. Free entry. Event!
Pages took some photos at our EP launch. We think we look nice, maybe.
A show, perchance, a dream: we’re playing at GoodGod Small Club with Bad Jeep and Made In Japan. Excitement, now.Tickets, event info here
"This song’s beatific sonic domain is any indication, the titular “world inside your head” is a snowglobe in mid-shake, luscious particles flurrying all around."
Mess+Noise have dropped World Inside Your Head in at #9 on their Top 20 Tracks of 2013, alongside so many excellent friends - including Major Leagues, Pond, Baptism of Uzi and Geoffrey O’Connor.

Cull @ The Den, Wollongong 17.11.13
EPs printed, like delicious delicious…printed goods.You can pre-order here, if you’d like.